The White Witch

I changed my mind and went for a big change at level 42. It was all about the hat. I found a drop set item (the medium armor helm from the Stygian set) that looked just like the Ancient Nord helm from Skyrim. And I got all excited thinking (mistakenly, as it turns out) that […]

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Evolution of a tank: Origins

One of my favorite things has always been finding (and later—with a good crafter—making) new armor sets, and shaping my character’s appearance that way. Thessaly has undergone quite a bit of evolution, and I’ve really enjoyed finding unexpected ways to combine racial motifs in her weapons and armor. It’s hard at first, when you really […]

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Vladimir Estragon, Dragonknight

New character for the 3rd (and final) beta weekend! Decided to play a boy, and a Dragonknight—last class I had not as of yet tried out. Going for the two-handed, tank-y build. So I started out making the character with the idea of a portly knight—sort of like Sir John Falstaff’s younger, slightly-in-better-shape brother. Then when […]

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On helms, and crafting

So I made this here heavy armor Nord-style helm. I was still figuring out the different parts of crafting and what fell into which skill line. FYI, Blacksmithing? All heavy armor. But I prefer the medium armor version. Still with Nord horns, dovahkiin-style, but made from leather. Now I have mostly medium armor so am […]

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