Vladimir Estragon, Dragonknight

Vladimir Estragon, Dragonknight

New character for the 3rd (and final) beta weekend! Decided to play a boy, and a Dragonknight—last class I had not as of yet tried out. Going for the two-handed, tank-y build.

So I started out making the character with the idea of a portly knight—sort of like Sir John Falstaff’s younger, slightly-in-better-shape brother. Then when it was face-makingtime I was very very vaguely trying to see if I could make him look sorta like my own mug.

After playing around with sliders for 15 minutes I gave up in frustration, thinking, “Well, they don’t have anything like my nose, or my eyebrows, or eyes—this is impossible, nevermind.” And so I finished up, added some war paint and body tats, and sent him off into the world.

Well, after a bit of distance (and maybe trading the blue light of Coldharbour for the warmer sun of the Summerset Isles) I realized I was surprisingly successful at putting myself in the game! I mean, the beard definitely helps with it all, but still, not too shabby methinks.

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