Chunking Rotations Addendum

Two more observations about my button layouts in Final Fantasy XIV One other layout I use which is specific to the Bard (and the other two physical ranged DPS jobs, the Machinist and the Dancer) has to do with a set of abilities that are named after parts of the body: Head Graze, Leg Graze, […]

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Chunking Rotations and Pivoting Thumbs

Using interaction design to customize my gaming experience Amongst players of massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) there is a ritual, bordering on being an obsession, of selecting which keys and buttons will invoke your character’s various abilities during gameplay. I would like to use the lens of interaction design to suggest an approach […]

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Turning to the dark side

Since Mouser acquired sanies lupinus the all-natural way, it only seemed proper to do the same when I decided to take him down the blood-sucking path instead. So he got cured of his lycanthropy just in time for the new moon* and went roaming the dark dark countryside of The Rift. With a bit of luck (and some […]

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The Gygax

So a while back we were running vet Wayrest Sewers with our guildies and discussing our roles and the archetypes we each used to guide us in playing our individual characters. After making led to the above funny discovery, the following discussion occurred: And The Gygax was born, to be applied when a group in a game that typically uses the Tank-DPS-Healer […]

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Replaying the Pact with a friend

We pulled our friend Nat into ESO; she’s not only an MMO newbie but also pretty new to video games in general. Maybe this was throwing her into the deep end a bit, but hey, she’s a good swimmer. So potemathewolfqueen and I rolled new toons, and she’s playing a Breton templar healer. I’m playing a Bosmer (yes […]

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