The Gygax

fighter thief mage cleric
This image brought to you with Authentic Old School Pixelation™

So a while back we were running vet Wayrest Sewers with our guildies and discussing our roles and the archetypes we each used to guide us in playing our individual characters. After making led to the above funny discovery, the following discussion occurred:


And The Gygax was born, to be applied when a group in a game that typically uses the Tank-DPS-Healer triumvirate of roles, falls back on the old D&D quatrain of Fighter-Mage-Cleric-Thief.

Also made me think of one of my favorite moments in Daggerfall Covenant, when the game designers themselves make reference to how these conventions have changed:

the gygax it seems archaic

The rest of the dungeon went well; granted, vet Wayrest Sewers is probably the easiest veteran group dungeon in the game, but we were pretty proud of the fact that we were able to bring it and crush it, since our Healer and the other DPS were doing those roles for the first time with those toons.

And done.


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