Pies of autumn, pear edition

Pear pie with an almond cake topping, made for my class’s final project presentations—seven epic hours of critique, booyah. Pie helps us all to get through. Potema the Wolf Queen says that pie helps her to get through her day as well—seven epic hours of sleeping on the couch *yawn*.

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Christmas pies!

That’s the apple butter pumpkin pie at the bottom, and the pear mincemeat pie on top. The latter was served with homemade hard sauce as well—because really Christmas is just an excuse to put brandy in everything 😀

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Pear mincemeat pie, in progress…

Never made a mincemeat pie before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had mincemeat pie in probably 30 years or more, not since some childhood Christmas vaguely remembered. But as soon as I smelled the mince as it began stewing, a flood of childhood memories came back and I knew that this was precisely what Christmas was […]

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