Turning to the dark side

Since Mouser acquired sanies lupinus the all-natural way, it only seemed proper to do the same when I decided to take him down the blood-sucking path instead. So he got cured of his lycanthropy just in time for the new moon* and went roaming the dark dark countryside of The Rift. With a bit of luck (and some […]

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NB#3 Fafhrdsdóttir the Berserker

Alright, alright, I’m addicted to Nightblades. I have a problem, I know, but I’m just having so damn much fun trying out variations on this class, I can’t stop myself. So…a few weeks ago I decided to roll a new, third NB based on this Battlemaster’s Corner post, “The Berserker.” Seemed like a great counterpart […]

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Werewolf au naturel

Alright, this was awesome: there we are, trotting through The Rift, when we’re like, “Hey, is that a pair of werewolves?” Yes, friends, it was a double full moon over Tamriel and that meant the NPC werewolf packs were out in force, ready to scratch us with their Sanies Lupines-infected claws! Now this was exciting […]

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The sisters l’Egerdemain

Meet Xena and Gabrielle l’Egerdemain: Wood Elf Nightblades both. My lovely wife is playing Gabrielle as a straight up Nightblade, single-target DPS with sneaking and critical attacks, and ranged options from her bow (taking advantage of the Bosmer racial abilities there.) Primary weapon bar is her Bow, secondary TBD but probably dual wielding daggers. 5 […]

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