Werewolf au naturel

Alright, this was awesome: there we are, trotting through The Rift, when we’re like, “Hey, is that a pair of werewolves?” Yes, friends, it was a double full moon over Tamriel and that meant the NPC werewolf packs were out in force, ready to scratch us with their Sanies Lupines-infected claws!

Now this was exciting as both Thessaly and Bal Peri were turned into lycanthropes by being bitten at Hircine’s Shrine by other werewolf players. We’d never had the fortune to encounter the NPC packs before! [Side note: it was also just an incredible amount of fun putting the word out to the zone about the packs, helping people to get there so they could get infected, keeping everyone healed, the WWs pre-occupied but still alive, etc. Total madness for an hour or so until the sun came up, but great great fun.]

Getting infected “the natural way” means a whole new quest to make you aware of what’s going on, and get your furry little rump over to Hircine’s Shrine so you can do your business with the Man-beast God. Obviously it would be a little different (place, character etc.) in each alliance, but here’s how it plays out in Riften for those in the Ebonheart Pact:

Off to Hircine’s Hunting Grounds!

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 4.12.05 PM

After that it’s the same quest as when we were bitten by another player; but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a rollicking good time:

Time to kill some leopards and harpies and trolls, Oh My!

And back to the altar to finalize things with our Daedric Lord of the Hunt:

Thank you, Lord Hircine, for your gift.


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