Orzammar denouement

Finished up the Deep Roads, Anvil of the Void, and the dwarves have a new king. All in a morning’s work while riding my exercise bicycle. [Also, re: tags—no of course these aren’t “dwemer” because this is DA not TES…but I mean, come on. Caridin is basically the love child of a suit of Dwemer […]

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Dwemer in the desert

I said this before when I was here in beta with my cute-as-a-button Orc Nightblade, Delirium-who-was-Delight: I’m loving the unexpected combo of Dwemer ruins with the North African landscape and architecture. About as far as you could get from the way the Dwarven Steampunk aesthetic interfaces with the Nordic environs of Skyrim, but I think both are […]

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