NB#3 Fafhrdsdóttir the Berserker

Alright, alright, I’m addicted to Nightblades. I have a problem, I know, but I’m just having so damn much fun trying out variations on this class, I can’t stop myself. So…a few weeks ago I decided to roll a new, third NB based on this Battlemaster’s Corner post, “The Berserker.” Seemed like a great counterpart […]

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Our new look

From this: To this: The new look is all-leather, made by us in the Seducer set except for the belt which is Red Mountain (found). Helmet is Dunmer, with an Imperial jack and bracers, Bosmer leg guards, and Breton shoulder cops and boots. Head and torso are enchanted for health, shoulders and arms for magicka, […]

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