Level 40! Armor/weapon makeover!

So we found a new set crafting locale in a Dwemer ruin, to make the Set of Lamae. We decided to go for the full overhaul in honor of hitting level 40. Armor, weapons, everything would be done up new, in thick leather and Dwarven steel, and as part of the Set of Lamae.

Screenshot 2014-06-23 13.24.48

Our new armor is thick leather and improved to either the green or blue level. Jack, belt and pauldrons are in the Bosmer style, with Argonian leg guards and Redguard bracers and boots. We topped off (sorry!) her new look with a winged Imperial helm.

Screenshot 2014-06-23 15.53.00

The two-handed primary slot features an Argonian whinstone (Dwarven steel equivalent) great sword, which looks totally kick-ass. Pictured below it’s enchanted with flame, but we’ll switch it to shock at some point.

Screenshot 2014-06-23 15.53.51

Our secondary weapon slot continues in dual-wielding: a Bosmer Sword of Lamae in Dwarven steel with a flame enchantment in the primary hand, and the off-hand having the only non-Set of Lamae item, a Stygian Dagger with a poison enchantment on it. We also have a pair of Stygian Bracers (not currently worn) that we might swap in for the Bracers of Lamae, since we’re well over 5 items in that set. I’m holding out for a third item in the Stygian set so we can have dual set bonuses, but at a certain point I’ll have to let that go if the dagger and bracers fall too far behind in level.

Screenshot 2014-06-23 15.54.29(2)

Here’s the full view from front, side and back:

Symmetry level 40 makeover


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