The Witch of Thessaly, pleased to meet you

Our new character in the Ebonheart Pact, an Imperial Sorcerer who will use heavy armor and a sword and board (or some kind of one-handed weapon with a shield), with a primary emphasis on Dark Magic with a secondary in Storm Calling. When she gets to level 15 we’re thinking of adding a restoration staff as a secondary weapon, to provide some variety in the roles she can play in group situations (optional Healer) as well as better self-healing options in solo PvE. But our main goal is to build her as a Tank, basically a Battlemage-type build. First one for either of us so we’ll see.

Shown below is The Witch of Thessaly at level 2, still soulshriven in Coldharbour. We’re going to play both Thessaly and Symmetry, alternating between them, so I’ll update with either character’s progress.

Thessaly level 2

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