Werewolf au naturel

Alright, this was awesome: there we are, trotting through The Rift, when we’re like, “Hey, is that a pair of werewolves?” Yes, friends, it was a double full moon over Tamriel and that meant the NPC werewolf packs were out in force, ready to scratch us with their Sanies Lupines-infected claws! Now this was exciting […]

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Hanging with Hircine, Hunter.

The whole time after finding the shrine to Hircine, we were like, “Ooh are we going to get the glowing ghostly Moose of the Hunt? Will we, will we?!” Yep. Though more of a stag, maybe than a moose. Maybe that’s because it’s the 2nd era, not the 4th. Takes time to grow to a […]

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Obsidian Scar

Some badass Malacath-worshipping orcs (a LOT of them, actually) along with Ogrim, Banekin and Dremora, needed beating down. And beheading. And impaling said heads on spikes to help bring about a vengeful curse. Good public dungeon in Rivenspire, though I think Bonesnap in Stormhaven was still my favorite thus far.     Posted with Blogsy

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