Hanging with Hircine, Hunter.

The whole time after finding the shrine to Hircine, we were like, “Ooh are we going to get the glowing ghostly Moose of the Hunt? Will we, will we?!”



Though more of a stag, maybe than a moose.

Maybe that’s because it’s the 2nd era, not the 4th. Takes time to grow to a moose size, with those big moose antlers, even for a Daedric Prince—right?

That’s how it works, right? If a deer stays alive long enough, it just grows into a moose? Fawn then buck then stag then….moose?

Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.


7125660727_e3238a20b4_zI still want a Hircine deer antler helmet in ESO. Like the female version of the Ancient Nord Helmet in Skyrim. Those are hot.

Also someday this totally awesome person could make me one in real life. Then I could wear my antlered Hircine helmet while playing ESO with my toon wearing an antlered helmet and we could hang out with Hircine. It could be Hircinception.


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