Pie-for-dinner, two favorites

Red pepper, basil, and goat cheese tart drizzled in honey and sprinkled with salt and pepper. That was for dinner… …and (bien sûr) another apple butter pumpkin pie for dessert, since we polished off the previous, lattice-topped one. I went for some free-form zigzags on this one, like the casual look of it. Also, if […]

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Fall pies

So I went on a baking binge on Sunday, mostly for work but we kept a pumpkin pie for ourselves :d Also, made a lovely savory mushroom pie, another year-round favorite.

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Red pepper and goat cheese tart

That’s goat cheese mixed with a egg and layered at the bottom of the crust after it’ been placed in the tart pan. Then a layer of fresh basil leaves on top of the chèvre. Then many layers of red pepper rings (about 3 peppers’ worth) with some additional crumbled goat cheese interspersed for variety. […]

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