90s RPGs were hardcore man

I played Daggerfall for the whole train ride back from the city, and died more times in the dinky starter dungeon than I really care to admit. Let’s just say that I know the death visual sequence by heart now: And back to… One of these days I’ll get to the surface. Embarrassing, really; these […]

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Tamlen’s end

I found it strangely affecting, learning what happened to Tamlen—the friend who gets lost to the mirror in the cave if you do the Dalish elf origin story. After the Darkspawn attacked my camp following the archdemon dream, my failed attempts to persuade Tamlen he could be healed lead, suddenly but inevitably, to him attacking me. […]

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Obsidian Scar

Some badass Malacath-worshipping orcs (a LOT of them, actually) along with Ogrim, Banekin and Dremora, needed beating down. And beheading. And impaling said heads on spikes to help bring about a vengeful curse. Good public dungeon in Rivenspire, though I think Bonesnap in Stormhaven was still my favorite thus far.     Posted with Blogsy

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