Turning to the dark side

Since Mouser acquired sanies lupinus the all-natural way, it only seemed proper to do the same when I decided to take him down the blood-sucking path instead. So he got cured of his lycanthropy just in time for the new moon* and went roaming the dark dark countryside of The Rift. With a bit of luck (and some […]

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Undaunted pledges w00t!

So I’ve been slow to even do the Group Dungeons since I’m not a big fan of PUGs (due to the general suckage and assholiness of people, see this post) so the opportunities have been fewer. Did Crypt of Hearts and Wayrest Sewers, actually I guess one or the other of us did most of […]

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Werewolf au naturel

Alright, this was awesome: there we are, trotting through The Rift, when we’re like, “Hey, is that a pair of werewolves?” Yes, friends, it was a double full moon over Tamriel and that meant the NPC werewolf packs were out in force, ready to scratch us with their Sanies Lupines-infected claws! Now this was exciting […]

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