My first Nightblade: The Grayest Mouser

Since Mouser is my first go at rolling a Nightblade since beta, I’ve decided I should get to know the ESO version of the class better by just playing it real traditional-like: stealth-based assassin/sniper-type, maxing out the critical hit chance and damage as much as possible to create a fierce single-target DPS.

(If you look closely you’ll notice that I started out trying to be all fancy with notions about a Nightblade tank—which is why he’s geared up in more heavy armor in the early levels, then shifts over to having 5 medium for all those stamina and sneaking passives, However, I fully plan on returning to the tanking challenges of the class at a later date with a different toon!)

First bar is dual-wielding (ideally sword and dagger in homage to his Fritz Leiber namesake) second will be the bow. Neither of these being weapons I’ve played a lot; we had dual-wield on Symmetry’s second bar for a while, but I haven’t touched a bow yet in-game) and will be spec’ing abilities at 1:4:1 magicka:health:stamina.

I picked Dunmer for the totally shallow reason of the grey skin 😀 I plan on taking his name literally and will garb him in all gray all the time, just for shits and giggles. Though the stamina and magicka racial bonuses are nice for the NB/bow build. Also he wouldn’t be a terrible candidate for vampirism, in which case the dark elf fire resistance will be excellent.

Here’s a slide show of his gear from level 7-12 (not sure what happened to the screenshots from the Wailing Prison and Bleakrock,levels 1-6). The level 12 gear was the first I crafted for him, I’m still using 2 heavy armor pieces (chest and shoulders) for the added protection, though I’m planning on swapping them out for 2 light instead—I need a little boost on his magicka regen since that’s what powers all those Nightblade abilities!

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