The White Witch

Screenshot_20141205_214656I changed my mind and went for a big change at level 42. It was all about the hat. I found a drop set item (the medium armor helm from the Stygian set) that looked just like the Ancient Nord helm from Skyrim. And I got all excited thinking (mistakenly, as it turns out) that this is what all medium helms in the Nord style looked like at this level.

Doesn’t that look awesome? I was psyched. Sadly, it turns out that isn’t at all what it really looks like, so I had to go on a quest for new headgear. What I ended up with was this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 11.37.22 PM

That’s a light Bosmer hat (antlers! yay!) and medium Primal belt. The rest is heavy armor: Ancient Elf for the pauldrons, cuirass, and gauntlets, and Altmer legs and feet. Admittedly, it all makes a nice gold ensemble, but the antlers made me think of the lost colony of Roanoke Island and the legend of Virginia Dare and the White Doe.

Thessaly level 42And so the White Witch of Thessaly is born!

I was pretty happy with how it came together, especially since I needed to make my Dwemer shield (in dark grey with purplish overtones) still work with it all. This is Thessaly at level 42, the above-mentioned armor and shield supplemented with an Ancient Elf one-handed axe, and an Altmer restoration staff (not shown.)

After running around for a bit, though, I started to feel like it was one too many colors; in particular I was less of a fan of the cool-white underneath the warmer bone white on the cuirass front. And so, at level 43, I did a quick redye of the cooler color to make it all the warmer bone white, which I like a lot better:

Thessaly level 43

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