Nightblade fashion update, late winter edition

The Grayest Mouser—

He’s working the new Orc (medium chest, hands, waist and legs) and Redguard (light feet—the most awesome, swashbuckling, fold-over boots ever!) designs that dropped with Update 6. Finished out with a light Daedric head and medium Imperial shoulders. Double Daedric daggers for the dual-wield bar, Altmer bow on his second.

The inestimable Fafhrdsdóttir—

Still all found gear, all medium armor. Two-handed on both bars, with a maul on the first for single-target combat, 2H sword on the back bar for multiple combatants.

And the tank half of our wonder-twin duo, Xena l’Egerdemain—

Xena is just getting to a level where she can start using some of the dropped sets I’ve been hoarding for her since god knows when. First up: Akaviri Dragonguard set, you can see her sporting the chest piece for that here, will get the rest when she hits level 18. Thunderous Plate set after that, around level 20-23.

3/16 updatelet:
Some tweaks to Fafhrdsdóttir and Xena: some new peripheral gear (lucky drops) for each, I particularly like the new shoulders on Fafhrdsdóttir, and her new boots give her a much more solid, sturdy feeling (though it was kind of in her character to go traipsing about dungeons beating on beasties while wearing sandals…)

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.45.13 AM

Xena got a more nuanced color palette in addition, which I like much better. I think it’s funny that her new epaulets (light Ancient Elf I think?), placed over her Scales of the Dragon heavy chest, look kind of like a big Eton collar. British wood-elf schoolgirl gone awry, very St. Trinian’s 😀

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.45.54 AM

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