NB#3 Fafhrdsdóttir the Berserker

Alright, alright, I’m addicted to Nightblades. I have a problem, I know, but I’m just having so damn much fun trying out variations on this class, I can’t stop myself.

So…a few weeks ago I decided to roll a new, third NB based on this Battlemaster’s Corner post, “The Berserker.” Seemed like a great counterpart to my classic stealth-and-crit-hit single-target DPS Nightblade, and my Nightblade tank.

And, since NB#1 is named after The Gray Mouser, who better than a Berserker-flavor NB to be named after the Mouser’s 7′ companion from the North? To mix it up a bit I decided NB#3 should be a tall strapping female Nord Nightblade, and so without further ado I give you—


Decided to play her in Daggerfall Covenant, since I haven’t played the early zones of that Alliance since almost a year ago in the early days of Thy fearful Symmetry. Wow, it’s been a long time!

All found armor but I dyed it all shades of red. I’ll try that for a bit until something else arises. There’ll be such high overturn on her gear until she hits level 12 or 16, I’m not worried.

Fafhrdsdottir level 4I always go for the two-handed sword or battleaxe, so I’m thinking Fafhrdsdóttir should have a big ol’ two-handed spikey-ass club or mace or something like that.

Actually, how about something exactly like this:


Mmmm, very “Hulk SMASH!”
I like it.

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