Our new look

From this:

To this:

The new look is all-leather, made by us in the Seducer set except for the belt which is Red Mountain (found). Helmet is Dunmer, with an Imperial jack and bracers, Bosmer leg guards, and Breton shoulder cops and boots. Head and torso are enchanted for health, shoulders and arms for magicka, and legs and feet for stamina.

Main weapon is a two-handed greatsword that we found, made from Orichalcum in the Primal style and enchanted with Flames. Colors and style go nicely with the rest of the armor, especially the Imperial jack I think. Our secondary weapons (not shown here) are a new Sword and Dagger of the Seducer for dual-wielding, crafted in the Argonian style, with Lightning on the sword and Frost on the dagger.


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