Chunking Rotations Addendum

Image of my bars showing the (vaguely) anthropomorphic layout of abilities

Two more observations about my button layouts in Final Fantasy XIV

One other layout I use which is specific to the Bard (and the other two physical ranged DPS jobs, the Machinist and the Dancer) has to do with a set of abilities that are named after parts of the body: Head Graze, Leg Graze, Foot Graze, and Arm’s Length. The three -Graze abilities are about enemy control (silencing them, slowing them, and stopping them respectively) while Arm’s Length is about protecting my character being controlled by them (being drawn in or knocked back).

I arrange the Graze abilities on my bar in a human body-esque arrangement, with Head Graze on top (△), Leg Graze on ▢ to the left and Foot Graze to the right on ◯. This anthropomorphic layout has absolutely nothing to do with the abilities themselves. It is literally just a visual/spatial mnemonic device (“head on top, scootch down a while and then you’re connected to the leg bone, leg bones connects to the foot bone…”) But hey, it does actually help 🙂

I break the body layout a bit by putting Arm’s Length on ✕ at the bottom (yes yes, FOOT Graze would make more sense there, I know) but this is because that ability’s functionality is different from the other three. Putting it on the button that is closer to my own body when holding the controller helps me to remember it is more protective/defensive, while the other three are offensive attacks on my enemy. (On the same bar I have Repelling Shot, which knocks me character backwards out of range of an AoE attack, on ▼ to pair with Arm’s Length. Both of those abilities on buttons closest to my body are about defending Catherine from enemy attacks.)

Second thought: the longer I play FFXIV the more I find myself making adjustments based on certain habits of behavior as I play as filtered through the physicality of the controller. For example, another ability specific to the Ranged DPS jobs is Peloton, which boosts the non-combat movement speed of you and nearby party members. Since some group content involves a lot of running from pace to place, it’s a nice gesture for those playing Bards, Dancers, or Machinists to provide a speed boost.

For a long time I had Peloton on one of the D-pad buttons; but this made it very difficult to trigger the ability while running since moving involves using the left thumb stick — the same thumb that’s needed for the D-pad. Switching it to the other side allows me to keep moving and maneuvering with my left thumb while using my right to pop Peloton whenever it expires.

That’s what I have for you today. I’m going to go back to leveling up my Paladin—Catherine’s first tank job! Hoping to hit 50 tonight 🙂

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