Replaying the Pact with a friend

We pulled our friend Nat into ESO; she’s not only an MMO newbie but also pretty new to video games in general. Maybe this was throwing her into the deep end a bit, but hey, she’s a good swimmer.

So potemathewolfqueen and I rolled new toons, and she’s playing a Breton templar healer. I’m playing a Bosmer (yes I know I have a fixation) but decided to go way out of my wheelhouse with class: yes, I am playing a Dragonknight.

Vladimir Estragon is an aging drag queen of a Bosmer: short, squat, and going to seed, but still absolutely fabulous. For his voice I found the one that sounded closest to latter-day Kathleen Turner and ran with it.

(Also technically he should be Vladimir Estragon II—I previously used the name during beta for a Nord Dragonknight in AD. Carrying on the DK lineage if nothing else…)

And rounding out the gang is Nat’s Altmer Nightblade, using a bow to start and then we’ll see where she goes from there.


So then it was off to Bleakrock…

Me and Nat on horses

…where we got lost.


And some of us got in trouble with the law.


We had a bite to eat.


We played with fire…



Vladimir looked tough.

We made an autumnal guar friend.


Potemathewolfqueen demonstrated not only her uncanny, hawk-eyed ability to spot far away treasure chest, but also the extreme lengths to which he will go to acquire said chests:


And of course we scored some skyshards, all of which potemathewolfqueen decided to photo bomb in some way or another.

A good time was had by all.


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