Mounts and pets

(Almost called this post “Mounting and petting,” but that would be different.) Huzzah Crown Store! But, even more huzzahs to getting all of my loyalty rewards all at once, thanks to the miracle of my amazing wife scrounging up some old, pre-BTP game time cards before they disappeared from the face of the earth so […]

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Undaunted pledges w00t!

So I’ve been slow to even do the Group Dungeons since I’m not a big fan of PUGs (due to the general suckage and assholiness of people, see this post) so the opportunities have been fewer. Did Crypt of Hearts and Wayrest Sewers, actually I guess one or the other of us did most of […]

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NB#3 Fafhrdsdóttir the Berserker

Alright, alright, I’m addicted to Nightblades. I have a problem, I know, but I’m just having so damn much fun trying out variations on this class, I can’t stop myself. So…a few weeks ago I decided to roll a new, third NB based on this Battlemaster’s Corner post, “The Berserker.” Seemed like a great counterpart […]

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Hanging with Hircine, Hunter.

The whole time after finding the shrine to Hircine, we were like, “Ooh are we going to get the glowing ghostly Moose of the Hunt? Will we, will we?!” Yep. Though more of a stag, maybe than a moose. Maybe that’s because it’s the 2nd era, not the 4th. Takes time to grow to a […]

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