Enigmatic island compound of mystery

So first, this:

Ooh, secret island compound! What dastardly James Bond villain in black leather armor might have this as his lair?! Naturally, a closer look is de rigeur

Wait…what? Everything’s locked and I can’t get in? No snarky guards even, or a note? Hrmpfph.

And, hold on a sec: haven’t I seen that crest before, the three scimitars (“Curved. Swords!”) arranged around a shield? I believe I have, in an equally mysterious place, somewhere that is clearly meant to be a location but we have not yet been given access to. Except, of course, I’m blanking on where that was exactly. Stormhaven I think. I remember thinking of it as “the Arena” though that might have been me reading into things based on some NPC dialogue in one of the quests. I’ll try to find a picture, if I took one.

So my guess here is that these are areas set aside for future development or expansions, a sort of digital landgrab. And the crest is probably just a generic Redguard crest (even in Stormhaven I made an association of the locked off area with a quest involving a Redguard family, so it could track that way). But, you know, it’s fun to wonder…


Ok yes, almost certainly just a generic Redguard crest, as shortly after finding it on the Mysterious Island Compound of Enigmaticness we found it on a house in nearby Satakalaam. And this one was chained up, the “official” designation of No You Cannot Go Here. So probably not a double-secret conspiracy there. But still, I want to find the other place like that I found, in Stormhaven…

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