Mounts and pets

(Almost called this post “Mounting and petting,” but that would be different.)

Huzzah Crown Store! But, even more huzzahs to getting all of my loyalty rewards all at once, thanks to the miracle of my amazing wife scrounging up some old, pre-BTP game time cards before they disappeared from the face of the earth so I could get 300 days of paid game time before the cut-off, and qualify for a Senche Tiger mount 🙂

Being terribly shallow and all about appearances, I of course had to coordinate mounts and pets with toons’ armor and such. And so, without further ado, I give you:

Mouser with Spot and Li’l Spot

Fafhrdsdóttir with Bad Dream and Gearhead

[Apologia: apparently I only have screenshots of Fafhrdsdóttir and Bad Dream, not with Gearhead too. Gearhead is our pet Dwemer Sphere. I’ll rectify the situation next time I play with this toon.] Done.


Xena l’Egerdemain with Blake and Forests of the Night

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