Diablo III designers, I bow down before you for your amazing combination of spot-on designwork, macabre sense of humor, and three-snaps-in-a-circle sass towards the “it’s too colorful” trolls. The secret Cow Level has been raised to a whole new plane of candy-colored existence.

Apologies for the crappy photos of the game on the tv, rather than proper screenshots. But you’ll get the idea.


Also, it should be noted that this was Whimsydale (which spawns from a rare variant of a Treasure Goblin) not Whimsyshire (which you have to make the staff for, as in the above-referenced article.)

Incidentally, if you’re interested in an actual designer response to the fan critiques about Diablo III‘s color palette, read this article. It is clear about the things designers need to think about that players are rarely aware of anyone having troubled themselves with, until it doesn’t work and the “This Game Sucks” complaint engine grinds into motion. More reasoned, less “ah, fuck you you fucking fuck-heads” than the secret level—though Whimsyshire/Whimsydale is hands down more wickedly fun.

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