Turning to the dark side

Since Mouser acquired sanies lupinus the all-natural way, it only seemed proper to do the same when I decided to take him down the blood-sucking path instead. So he got cured of his lycanthropy just in time for the new moon* and went roaming the dark dark countryside of The Rift. With a bit of luck (and some […]

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The Gygax

So a while back we were running vet Wayrest Sewers with our guildies and discussing our roles and the archetypes we each used to guide us in playing our individual characters. After making led to the above funny discovery, the following discussion occurred: And The Gygax was born, to be applied when a group in a game that typically uses the Tank-DPS-Healer […]

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The Bloody Sun (1964 original)

Right off the bat, from the very first pages, there’s a noticeable jump in the writing style and improvement to the quality of the storytelling. MZB’s choice to use the second person point-of-view in the prologue is striking and drew me in immediately; then, just when it might have become too much, become too arch and awkward […]

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Replaying the Pact with a friend

We pulled our friend Nat into ESO; she’s not only an MMO newbie but also pretty new to video games in general. Maybe this was throwing her into the deep end a bit, but hey, she’s a good swimmer. So potemathewolfqueen and I rolled new toons, and she’s playing a Breton templar healer. I’m playing a Bosmer (yes […]

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The Sword of Aldones (1962)

Reading the Darkover books in the pre-Internet era of my teens, I couldn’t just ask Wikipedia to help me figure out confusing details; so there were aspects of the series that tripped me up now and then. I remember very clearly my confused feeling of déjà vu as I started reading The Sword of Aldones (it had taken me years […]

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