Our pleasure to introduce Thy fearful Symmetry, Khajiit Templar

So through a series of accidents and overcompensations, we ended up with an extra copy of the Mac/PC Imperial Edition of ESO, and after a small amount of pondering (very small, to be honest) we decided “Ah, fuck it” and we’re playing ESO now on my MacBook Pro, until the PS4 version comes out at the end of June. We decided we would create a character together and alternate playing it, but basically always the two of us (unless it’s just checking in on research, purging inventory, or some judicious grinding in areas we’ve already done.)

Neither of us has ever had a Khajiit character in any of the Elder Scrolls games, so we went with that; and thought a return to the Templar might be interesting, since that’s where we both had started back during the beta and there has been a lot of rebalancing since then.

Without further ado, our new (and first non-beta!) character, Thy fearful Symmetry:

Screenshot 2014-04-20 17.52.38

Screenshot 2014-04-20 20.37.51

We’re interested in playing her as a rather classic paladin-like character, a damage-dealer with two-handed weaponry (maybe blunt maybe not) but also a healer; so in group dungeons we could switch between healer and DPS as needed. We’ll see how much we stick to that, but it’s a plan. We might, however, try doing this with medium- rather than heavy armor, only because there are Khajiit racial bonuses to medium armor. Again, we’ll see what happens.

So of course there’s the escape from Coldharbour, which I will synopsize here in a slideshow:

And with that, we’re off to Daggerfall!

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