3rd beta: Delirium-who-was-Delight resurfaces

We were having a ton of fun in the AD, and playing Vladimir Estragon the Dragonknight was a lovely thing; but it was also still a beta test and it was beaching clear that an increasing number of quests were buggy and impeding progress. (For what’s it’s worth, a bit of reading on the internets made it pretty clear that most of the bugs were fixed already on the PTS; for whatever reason ZeniMax decided not to propagate the fixes to the open beta servers. Hey, I’m not complaining: free beta testing weekend, after all. So we filed a bunch of bug reports and then, when that got old, decided to return to our DC characters from the previous beta weekend and get a little farther in that Alliance.

So here we are in Stros M’kai again, my cute-as-a-button Orcish Nightblade Dleirium-who-was-Delight, and Glen Coco the Breton Sorcerer and archer.

The last bit there was a lovely treasure hunt across the island looking for landmark and puzzling out visual cues and clues. If the ultimate reward in that big-ass chest was a little bit of a let down after all that, well, isn’t the thrill more in the chase anyway? At the end of the day we enjoyed a cold brewski (after drugging Headman Bhosek)…

Screenshot 2014-03-16 14.16.34

And watched the double moonrise over Stros M’Kai.

Screenshot 2014-03-16 02.17.36

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