Mundus Stones

So I was excited to find one! It’s funny because it’s not like Skyrim is small or anything, and it’s not like there were Stones around every corner, but I was surprised at how much of Tamriel I was able to traverse before finding some Mundus Stones. I think we had found one in Ebonheart at […]

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Bring out the glitch!

Airship technology is booming in Khenarthi’s Roost: Making the beast with two backs…or fronts? Sides? Hmm.   So this is basically my nightmare when I think about teleported technology: that I would dematerialize inside another person and split them apart. Thank you, ESO Wayshrines, for showing me what that might look like *shudder*

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Traipsing about Khenarthi’s Roost

So even though in this beta they changed the early game, making the starter islands optional, we decided to take our new Aldmeri Dominion characters back to Khenarthi’s Roost and do the quests there again before heading off on all-new material on Auridon. Our previous Aldmeri characters were our very first time playing ESO and we felt […]

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Vladimir Estragon, Dragonknight

New character for the 3rd (and final) beta weekend! Decided to play a boy, and a Dragonknight—last class I had not as of yet tried out. Going for the two-handed, tank-y build. So I started out making the character with the idea of a portly knight—sort of like Sir John Falstaff’s younger, slightly-in-better-shape brother. Then when […]

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