City girl in Davon’s Watch

So here’s a compilation of shots from the city of Davon’s Watch over the second and third days of the beta. Includes shots from the Mage’s Guild, summoning Shalidor and going to Cheesemonger’s Hall, an entryway to the Shivering Isles, Sheogorath’s realm in Oblivion.

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And on to Morrowind: Bal Foyen

And away we go from the Nords of Skyrim, on to the volcanic landscape of Dark Elves and Argonians. And giant mushrooms. Did I mention giant mushrooms? So here’s where we ended after day 1 of my second beta: Level 6 Sorcerer with skills split between Daedric Summoning and the bow. Have morphed two abilities […]

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Tower-climbing: a pausa

I thought the views were magnificent, and also kudos on environmental effects: I’m pretty sure that the rqndomly-occurring birds were new this time around, I don’t remember them before. Here you see crows, but elsewhere on Bleakrock I also saw cardinals and owls.

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Bleakrock Isle, part the first

So we start on Bleakrock Isle, off the shore of Skyrim. I know it’s a little strange, but it was so comforting to be back in Skyrim culture, with Nords and Nordic end tables and wardrobes and doors, tombs and Dragon Priests and Heilen Coos and chickens. Sigh. There are three main quests to complete […]

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