I barely started with the Ebonheart Pact

I created a character to play, a Nord Sorceress named Doom-eager Edda. I decided I would play her as both a magic-user in the Daedric Summoning path, and an archer (because none of my characters have used ranged weaponry yet.) So basically playing against type in both race (Nord magic-user) and class (Sorcerer using bow not staff).

I got so far as to finish the character creation and give her a name (“Doom-eager” came from the Robert Edmond Jones reading I had recently reviewed for class; “Edda” for the Norse runic saga). I started the game and found myself in the familiar Coldharbour prison with the riot going on outside….Wait, no riot. No riot, no random guy opening my cell and letting me out. Nothing. So, I submitted a bug report:

Screenshot 2014-02-10 03.11.40

Impressively, the next morning it was all better and fixed, got out of the cell, picked my bow, and got to fire off my first arrows into a skeleton warrior. Then I stopped and saved and switched back to playing my Aldmeri Dominion character. So Doom-eager Edda, and her arrival in Tamriel on an island off the coast of Skyrim, will just have to wait for the next beta session.

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