All Your Blight Are Belong To Us

Visual endgame spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins ahead.
You have been warned.

(potemathewolfqueen, I’m looking at you.)

So, it took half a dozen attempts to get through the final fight on the bloody roof of Fort Drakon.

First three tries were just hopeless runs at the archdemon, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Each of those times I got to the second phase of the battle and was then swiftly slaughtered.

For the fourth run I did major overhauls to everyones tactics, weapons, and my overall strategy; these got me to the third phase. Tweaks for the fifth run got me further, and the last bit of tactical and strategic finessing on the sixth and final run got me here:

Victory is sweet.




Ahhh, that was nice. So very very nice. That was a damn fine game that has held up better after six years than many games do after six months. A part of my brain already wants to start over with a totally different build and set of companions, and see how everything plays out differently. But potemathewolfqueen has just started her first playthrough so I can experience that vicariously; instead I will push forward, through the additional DA:O DLC and the Awakenings expansion, before moving on to Dragon Age II and then Inquisition.

Of course, The Witcher III: The Great Hunt is also sitting there next to the PS4, winking and nudging for attention…

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