Fiery Fafhrdsdóttir, level 22 gear

Made my Nightblade Berserker her first set of crafted gear for level 22. This build is kicking butt, taking names, and kicking ass all over again, so I though she should get some nice duds.

7 pieces of medium armor, 5 of them (head torso waist legs feet) in Ashen Grip, 2 of them (shoulders and hands) in Hunding’s Rage. The full set of five in Ashen Grip gives max health, weapon damage, and weapon crit, plus the chance to proc a little flame-breathing action on melee hits. Weapons are in Hunding’s Rage as well, giving a set of 3 which grants more weapon crit plus max stamina.

For weapons she has a scary-looking Primal maul (two-handed mace) on her first bar, and a gigantic Orcish greatsword on her backbar. Since the backbar is for taking out groups, the added visual length of the greatsword was satisfying, even though I know it doesn’t actually change the attack range 🙂

She’s wearing Bosmer motif armor for her shoulders, chest and belt, and Breton for her legs, hands and feet—I just love all the buckles and straps in the Breton motif. The décolletage of the Bosmer medium jack does a great job of showing off her black-with-red-accents body paint, something I had missed previously. I also like the idea that this Nord lass, in the more balmy climes of High Rock, would be wearing the Tamriel equivalent of a midriff-baring tee because it’s so comparatively warm. She does have a Nord-style helm (turned off) to remind her of home.

Fafhrdsdottir lvl 22 gear as is

Building on the red theme dyes I put on her previous, looted gear, and inspired by the fire-breathing proc of the Ashen Grip set, I decided to color Fafhrdsdóttir’s new armor in a flame motif with reds and sienna brown for her feet, legs and hands, accented with metallic Atmoran bronze to provide glints of orangey-yellows and gold. The bronze accents continue onto her jack and arm cops, which are in charcoal greys and blacks to evoke ash and soot, while also blending in nicely with her body paint.

Fafhrdsdottir lvl 22 gear dyed

I think this’ll be a nice look for her through her level 20’s, and I’m particularly pleased with her weaponry. This is a pretty awesome build, at least for solo PvE content so far, and I look forward to seeing how she progresses.

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