Gone fishin’ for real this time

imageOk not actually for real in the sense of, say, fishing. But for real in the sense of No one is home, Sorry you made the trip for nothing, We’d love to see you when we’re back, &c.

On vacation, is what I’m trying to say.

Before that, I know the posting was less frequent. It’s possible I blew out my graphics card, because ESO suddenly started running piss-poorly and it was all me—not Zenimax or the servers or even stupid Time Warner and their craptastic internet service. Just something about my machine making it so that if I got 13 FPS I counted myself lucky. And i could only get that on severely reduced graphics settings. There was a lot of sadness around the house.

Anyway, that situation will hopefully get fixed soon after I return, but in the meantime I’m going to Maine to sit on the deck of a cottage in the woods overlooking the ocean, read a bunch of books, drink beer or maybe gin and tonics, and generally get away from everything.

Bye bye.

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