The sisters l’Egerdemain

Meet Xena and Gabrielle l’Egerdemain: Wood Elf Nightblades both. My lovely wife is playing Gabrielle as a straight up Nightblade, single-target DPS with sneaking and critical attacks, and ranged options from her bow (taking advantage of the Bosmer racial abilities there.) Primary weapon bar is her Bow, secondary TBD but probably dual wielding daggers. 5 […]

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Flirting (again) with Dark Anchors

We still haven’t really figured out what the deal is with them, when the become active or what triggers them. Maybe we aren;t high enough level? Maybe it’s not turned on in the beta (though I’m pretty sure that’s NOT true)? But anyway, we still feel a little frisson whenever we start poking around one, as if […]

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Dead guy.

This is the kind of detailing and productive mystification that has always been part of what makes the worlds of Tamriel feel alive and like the have an existence beyond the game. Just a body lying in the path on a side of a mountain near one of the Dark Anchors. A mage’s staff by […]

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More Nirnroot!

Ok, I think I already posted something just like this the first time I found Nirnroot, but I can’t help myself. Even when I’m not doing alchemy in crafting I keep collecting the things, just in case they spring some, “Find 1066 nirnroots and bring them to me for a big reward” quest on me in […]

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