Invisible chests of Skyrim

So, this invisible chest by the hill entrance to the mines in Dawnstar:

photo 1

And I thought, “Cool!” but was expecting something like a steel shield, potion of minor healing, and a dozen gold. I was wrong:

photo 2photo 3That was a mighty full chest. Full like the hoarder chests and wardrobes and barrels and trunks that take up space in all of my houses in Skyrim. Those pictures are just a few of the screens full of every variety of crap (where “crap” is not a value judgement; there was actually so good shit there) under the pale wintery sun of Dawnstar.

(Put another way: I had just cleared out my inventory prior to going to Dawnstar; I hit [X] Take All, and was immediately overburdened again. Good times.]

Thank you, Charlie / Merry / Dominic Monaghan, for being a big Skyrim geek too, and clueing me in to this easter egg…

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